Chris Azure -  No Para EP

|Review|Chris Azure - No Para EP|

 Posted: 25/01/2018

2017 was a Strong year for Chris Azure. His debut 'Lightning'  EP on Subwoofer records soared to the top of the Hard Techno chart on Beatport, coming in at #2 and staying there for 2 weeks. Then in November, Chris gained the support of Todd Terry and his Terminator Records imprint with the release of his single "No Milk' ' an in-your-face driving Techno tune featuring Chris's signature obscurely sculpted noises.

Chris Azure starts off 2018 with a new release on Reload Records, one of the few labels he had his sights on. 'No Para' shows that Chris Azure is becoming a staple in the electronic music scene. With 90's rave stabs, a massive groove, and a gripping vocal, 'No Para' will make sure the dance floor is in constant motion. The B side of 'No Para' features the track 'Smoking the Bear' displaying Chris' signature style with a euphoric arc accompanied by a deep bassline and other worldly glitches.

Together these tracks shows Chris' affinity for the music he loves to play in his own sets while staying loyal to the pioneers of Techno that have recently provided him inspiration. He will always strive to put forth music that is unique and eclectic and "keep it weird". 

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