DJ Pone - Highways (feat. Jaw)

|Review|DJ Pone - Highways (feat. Jaw)|

 Posted: 12/01/2018

Following the release of the Highways remix EP, French producer DJ Pone and dOP frontman Jaw have released a stunning music video directed by Gabriel Dugué.

Gabriel Dugué is an upcoming director hailing from the sun-soaked city of Montpellier. After training in film making he founded the Set&Match rap band. His passion for music, film and exploring the unknown asserts himself as a rapper and as the manager & director of the Set&Match music videos. Following six years of music production and close to 300 concerts the band decided to separate itself. An opportunity arose for Gabriel to jump into his first passion: becoming a newly minted director. He's directed a series of cool hiphop music videos (Deen Burbigo, Gros Mo, Némir, Perfect Hand crew) and commercial spots (Wrung) and is looking to do even more.

"I wrote this song two years ago in my former home back in Paris, it’s one of the songs I like the best because it says/portrays everything I deeply want to say. We are all living our lives like a pursuit of happiness, like junkies to reach the best, pretending (to be someone else) sometimes, because we care too much about peoples judgement. We spend our lives going from a circle to another, from a love to another, from streets to highways, blinded by a system that is too strong for us to make a difference by ourselves. Everything is so predictable, only nature will always surprise us. Simple things." - JAW


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