BEC - Forward Motion EP

|Review|BEC - Forward Motion EP |

 Posted: 19/12/2017

Carl Cox is an iconic figurehead of the electronic music industry, whose influential legacy includes his much famed label Intec, which he runs with friend and business partner Jon Rundell.

The new Intec release is from British born Rebecca Godfrey who is better known to Techno fans as BEC via her seminal releases on Pan-Pot’s label Second State.

Now living in Berlin, BEC has received critical acclaim from publications like Pulse Magazine who recently listed her alongside the likes of Helena Hauff, Dasha Rush and Rebekah as one of The Underground's 10 Leading Ladies.

BEC has a great future ahead as she continues to make waves and plays gigs everywhere from London to Hong Kong.

Including a release on Hydrozoa this is only her second release outside of Second State, and Intec are honoured to welcome her to the family.

Starting with pulsating synths "Forwards" builds with tightly sequenced percussion. The lead synths uplifting notation is offset by eerie bass stabs, and these contrasting moods combine to create captivating tension. Stripped back with subtlety at its core, this techno track takes control without you even knowing it's got you under its spell.

Track two "Motion" has a clatter of metallic claps and morphing synths that ripple and shimmer. Understated with a hypnotic groove, the mechanical rhythms flow with precision engineering and attention to detail. Like lemon sorbet, this is the perfect palette cleaner, but can also be served as a bitter sweet dessert.

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