Declan Canning - You Can Dance

|Review|Declan Canning - You Can Dance|

 Posted: 19/12/2017

Declan Canning, founder and label head of Connection Recordings, has dropped his latest EP, ‘You Can Dance’. Since starting production seven years ago, the Irishman’s label has acted as a platform to release his latest tech-house tunes. Following the release of his last EP, ‘Can’t Complain’, ‘You Can Dance’ offers a slightly more emotive and darker vibe, including a more acid-like charged remix by Primitive soul.

‘You Can Dance’ is a powerful yet hypnotising tune that intensifies heavily through its rumbling basslines and robotic like vocal cuts. ‘Transition’ is a real slow burner, building suspense with some heavily reverbed acid synth lines that are ultimately released with some hard-hitting drums. ‘Slow Down’, smoothly rounds off the EP, dropping the tempo to really enhance the interchanging string and synth lines that ultimately submerse you into a cinematic like experience.

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