Frankie Bones - Call It Techno EP

|Review|Frankie Bones - Call It Techno EP|

 Posted: 14/11/2017

Carl Cox is an iconic gurehead of the electronic music industry, whose in uential legacy includes his much famed label Intec, which he runs with friend and business partner Jon Rundell.

The new Intec release is from Frank Mitchell aka Frankie Bones who is an American based DJ and producer whose played a large role in New York’s Techno scene. Having been involved in music since the mid 80’s, Frankie Bones was one of the rst DJ’s from New York’s Brooklyn region to gain global success.

By the late 80’s Frankie Bones was getting regular European bookings following the success of his Bonesbreaks EP series, which released on Underworld Records received global recognition and critical acclaim.

During his three decade spanning career Frankie Bones has even released an EP on the iconic Trax Records, which released many of the early records that de ned the House and Techno genre.

One of his most popular releases was his 1989 release titled “Call It Techno” which originally came out on Breaking Bones Records, and a rm Carl Cox favourite has now been remastered and rereleased for this special Intec package, which also features one of his new and previously unreleased tracks.

Also featuring on the release are two new remix versions provided by Carlo Lio and Raito who each put their individual stamp on things.

Carlo Lio is an artist who in between global DJ bookings, has released music on labels including Octopus, SCI+TEC, Turbo, Mood, and Saved Records.

French artist Raito is fast rising through the ranks following regular releases Boysnoize Records, along with having also featured on Mako, Origami Sound, Main Course and BNR TRAX.

“Call It Techno” has a timeless bass line taken straight from the glory days of Acid House. Filled with retro charm and warehouse party vibes, the vocal tells the story of Techno’s history, and the pads plus melody are rich in analogue joy.

Carlo Lio’s remix of “Call It Techno” uses choice snippets of the originals vocal to re ne the story it into a powerful chant. This remix is fast and furious with added tension and suspense. Carlo adds his own toughened backing track that’s lled with dark atmosphere plus an explosive drop after the main break.

Raito’s remix of has a bumping groove and stomping kick drum. Thick and chunky, it takes no prisoners with its hard hitting percussion and stabbing sounds. Jacking in every sense of the word, it’s summed up nicely by the vocal lyrics “hits you in the face like a hammer!”

Second of the two original track is “Light It Up” which takes its title from the lyrics of the vocal sample. With spin backs and lter sweeps, the tracks forward momentum is accentuated by a series of bass drops. Lead by the building intensity of a bubbling acid line, the tracks rolling groove is a sure re party starter.

The fth and nal track is a dub mix of Light it up, which with the main vocal removed, focuses on the music only.

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