Nicole Moudaber - Silent Sigh

|Review|Nicole Moudaber - Silent Sigh|

 Posted: 26/01/2016

MOOD Record’s latest release, the ‘Silent Sigh’ EP, comes courtesy of the boss herself, Nicole Moudaber.

Silent Sigh’ kicks off the EP with an unhurried build, filled with Nicole’s characteristically dusty textures wrapping around stoic kicks. Stark, metallic designs echo in and out, before an even darker, sub-laden kick pressure pushes the track into a powerful climax.

‘Move A Little Closer’
displays Nicole’s skill for utilising vocals to forge a sense of intimacy and atmosphere without letting up on either pace or power. A thudding bassline and hi-hats underpin the track’s whispering, seductive samples, whilst gradual ice blast pads add depth to the production. A long-player at 10 minutes, ‘Move A Little Closer’’s layers of build-up pay off with a mind-bending, extended breakdown of space age synths.

Closing the EP is ‘More Ways Than One’, with a dose of undiluted techno at its best. Deep and dark, ‘More Ways Than One’ shows Nicole’s skill for arranging her productions so that every detail has maximum effect. Initially released as a free download to show Nicole’s appreciation for everyone who supported her throughout 2015.

Nicole has had a huge 2015. Between maintaining her worldwide touring schedule, running MOOD Records and her In The MOOD radio show, Nicole released a forward-thinking 5-track collaboration with Skunk Anansie’s Skin, merging the lines between rock and techno. She also remixed the likes of Pan Pot, Scuba and Black Asteroid all within the last 3 months. However, ‘Silent Sigh’ will be the first full-length solo EP that Nicole has released in several months.


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