Ben Pearce - 12407

|Review|Ben Pearce - 12407|

 Posted: 21/01/2016

Ben Pearce reveals the second track '12407' from his forthcoming Pomelo EP on imprint Moda Black. This 3 track EP see’s the Mancunian producer deliver 3 heavy, club-focused house-meets-techno cuts. The title track 'Pomelo' comes in two guises; version one slowly builds on textural layers, flittering arpeggios and a driving acid line, all with their sights locked on the dramatic main break, before slowly evaporating back into a bed of beats. The dub version, however, sheds the melodic components in a favour a a rawer, grittier feel.

On the flip Ben takes the pace up a level with '12407', combining frantic 808 drums with ever-evolving synth stabs and flittering ethereal topline, making for a high-energy slab of emotive warehouse music.

2015 was a fulfilled year for Ben Pearce, encompassing an extensive global tour schedule, monthly radio shows on Rinse FM and his summer residency at Ants in Ibiza - all whilst working a on wealth on new original music, that will be released over the coming months. 

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