Alexander Koning - Our Love Was Everything

|Review|Alexander Koning - Our Love Was Everything|

 Posted: 14/09/2014

This November Alexander Koning makes a return to his Perception Records label with the ‘Our Love Was Everything’ EP, backed with Tim Engelhart and Matt Keyl remixes.

Alexander Koning is a Germany-based, Dutch producer notably known for heading up the Perception Records imprint, amongst other accolades such as material surfacing on Global Underground, Circle Music and sets at Berlin’s Watergate and Awakenings Festival. Here we see Alexander push on with some fresh original material on his own Perception Records...

Kicking things off is the Tim Engelhart’s take on title cut ‘Our Love Was Everything’, the Traum Schallplatten artist delivers a smooth and engrossing cut led by drawn out subs, bright digital synth lines and jangling percussive elements to create a warm and charming opening piece. Following is the original mix of title ‘Our Love Was Everything’, seeing Koning embrace ethereal textures and emotive string sounds as the melodic driving force. The shuffled percussion and weighty kick drum then drive the stripped and tumbling groove as Rona Ray’s cosseting vocal lines add a further charm and beauty to the composition.

Entering the latter half of the release we have ‘Flamingos On Ritalin’, taking things in a more dance floor focused direction with an insistent drum groove and fluttering sub tones, while the hypnotic melody and eerie background atmospherics unfold over the track’s eight minute duration.

Italian producer Matt Keyl reshapes ‘Flamingos On Ritalin’ next, turning in his signature low-slung, stripped back percussive sound. While Dutch producer Malbereib turns in two version to round things off, bringing bulbous bass and tension building sweeps to the forefront alongside driving 4/4 rhythms and murmuring vocal lines. Malbereib also offers up a dub of his mix doing exactly as the name would suggest, providing us with a refined drum and bass led version.

Alexander Koning’s ‘Our Love Was Everything’ EP is out on Perception Records 12th November 2014.

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