adaboum Airlines takes flight

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 Posted: 14/06/2017
From July 7th to August 26thBADABOUM AIRLINES goes back into service welcoming you to travel around the globe without leaving our Parisian dance floor! Every weekend Badaboum Club welcomes some of the finest international club, festival and events brands from around the globe, who will offer up a slice of their local music and culture that makes them an integral part of their regions musical landscape.

Badaboum Airlines, entering it's 4th year of operation, intends to deliver a summer long programme that offers up to the Parisian clubbing culture an insight into the philosophy of partying around the globe, with some of the world’s leading brands including, Dolan Bergin (The Hydra - London), Into The Episode, Oasis Festival, Fuse Bruxelles, Sub Club, Temple Of Cat's from KaterBlau + more!

Once again this summer, Badaboum delights all the senses. First the eye, thanks to original scenography that aims to recreate the ethos of each brand night. Secondly, the ear, through the carefully programmed DJ guests from each brand and carefully selected Parisian residents too. Finally, the month, with an exclusively designed menu of cocktails endorsing mixologists in each of the destinations and showing off the culinary richness that they have to offer!

Boarding passes... check, Badaboum Airlines is about to take flight!

Tickets on sale now: 

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