Jalapeno House Vol. 4

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 Posted: 17/08/2015

Jalapeno are all about the soul, funk and disco but at this time of year they spend a lot of time in fields listening to music and then late at night someone gives them a funny tablet and all of a sudden..

Seriously kids don’t take drugs.

Actually they are all about house music all year round as this compilation of some of their finest recent excursions in 4/4 plus some hot off the press exclusives goes to show. They're just not very good at pigeonholing it into sub-genres – it’s all H.O.U.S.E. to us.

Kicking off the compilation is the superb Rayko mix of Quasamodo, leading into the first of our exclusives - the laidback “Never Give It Up” courtesy of Dutch production crew Bo Geste. Jalapeno royalty Kraak & Smaak make multiple appearances on the album with superb exclusive originals like “Notes” as well as in remixed form courtesy of Hot Toddy, Monitor 66, Cassian , Psychemagik and Marcus Jakes. Tracks from Budakid, Kinky Movement and Kraver & NSFW make up the other exclusives for the album with NSFW’s productions and remixes featuring multiple times. The young dutch DJ / producer has also done a 1 hour promo mix for the album.

Tracks and remixes from Alexia Coley, Smoove & Turrell, Ashley Beedle , Titeknots, Golden Girls, ephemerals , Animist, Valique, Robin Parris and Marcus Jakes means that this album is all killer no filler material.

“In the beginning there was Jal and Jal a Peno…”

...at least I think that’s how the track went…

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