Clarisse Various Artists Volume 1

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 Posted: 24/06/2015

It’s been business as usual for Mendo's Clarisse in 2015, expanding its takeover of the world’s live stage and seeing its output unanimously lauded by the scene’s leading spinners and charters. Halfway into the year, Switzerland’s house label on high springs a welcome surprise for its 48th release in the form of its first compilation, continuing Clarisse’s relentless search across the globe to secure the finest in deep, tech and tribal house.

This collection of nine upfront tracks bolsters Clarisse’s stockpile of roost-ruling grooves, and brings a new team to the front of its roster. This year has been run and remixed by DJ Sneak, DJ Dep, Simone Liberali, Mendo & Yvan Genkins and Metodi Hristov. The collection’s first pit stop sees Greek trailblazer Mihalis Safras set the tone in exemplary tribal fashion with ‘Desire’, a low sweep of the big room attacked by high-end synth fire and held together by a loop of billowing vocals.

With an aggression reminiscent of The Son’s classic thumper ‘Jumpin & Pumpin’, I Hate You argues ‘Whatsapp is a New Mistake’. It’s a foolproof bump and hustle pinned down by a seesaw of funky bass that’ll send social media into meltdown and snap selfie sticks in two.

South American duo Kintar and Santiago Garcia pay total tribal attention, packed with a primal, tumbledown bassline that adds a few extra pounds to the already heavy ‘Ameewo’, allowing it to tighten its grip on the Argentinean skyline. Romania’s Horatio & Gruia circulate and radiate with sun and sea on their mind: of Mediterranean twangs and warm exploratory flourishes, ‘Altfel de Sentiment’ is the theme to a remote clubbing cove only the elite know about.

Over in Italy, Drastic Duo lay down the snippy deep houser ‘Never Seen Before’. Superheroes Luca Grossi and Berto Riccardo are caught smuggling funk out of sight while an informant tries to explain the situation, speaking out over a busy bass-pinned shuffle. Another meeting between Nicola Calbi and Luky brings ‘Pleine de Surprise’ and adds another chapter of bumpy funk and bassily buffed-up essentials. Its springy, breakbeat vibe of push coming to shove is bound to be reflected by clubbers bouncing off one another’s shoulders.

The compilation’s strong UK contingent features PAX men Aaron Taylor and Charlie Robinson. Slipstreaming in the fast lane, their dropping of ‘Acido’ is a robotic jerk that plugs into a vast, big room, tech silhouetted sound and synchs a breakdown to heighten the track’s urgency. LowLife twosome Danny Allen and Scott McKechnie announce they’re ‘Freakin It’, coming out swinging with neon-fractured tech house full of disco toms and dashing stabs: a muscular dancefloor main event.

One time Sankeys resident Rudosa, aka Mark Bradbury, gets the carnival float cruising. The diva-guided ‘If You Want’, a tribal samba destined to cut through tailbacks and heatwaves, is dedicated to the all-in-together party experience, summing up the meeting of Clarisse’s first no-nonsense nonet.

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