Posted: 09/06/2015

Few countries are as adept at introducing new electronic music talent quite like Germany. The European hub of house and techno has been doing exactly that for some time now, and the latest such person to rise out and start making a name for himself on the international circuit is Simion, a multitalented DJ/producer who also runs the Hedonism label. With his latest mix a brilliant and fitting indictment of where he’s at musically right now, we thought it a good idea to put some quick questions his way…

We’d like to start by asking about Hedonism. Is this your label or are you just closely involved?
I am one of the A&Rs, yes.

What is it about the label that made you feel it’d work well as a place to release your music?
We are trying to release unique music with outstanding vocals

How long have you been working as a musician? What’s been your proudest accomplishment to date?
Actually in school I was told to quit the choir. I wasn’t very proud of that!

What do you see as the future of Hedonism do you think? And what do you think is the future of your own sound?
As I said we are looking for great vocals and don´t want to follow any trends. For myself I am not sure. New influences are changing my taste every once and a while.

The artwork on your records are always very noticeable. Do you think people pay much attention to the art these days? Is it a bit of a pity that they don’t?
I don´t think people pay that much attention, but for us it was important to have our own corporate identity and our own sound. We needed quite a while to discover the right artwork for the label.

I gather Germany was hugely influential to you also? Where did you go clubbing when you were younger?
I went clubbing all around Germany in places like Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich.

So has the scene changed for the better or the worse since you became involved?
For example Berlin, changed a lot over the last years. I would not say it is worse now, but it is more difficult to get a license to throw underground raves. Lets just say that the establishment is paying more attention nowadays.

Where do you stand on the clubbing tourists in Berlin – a good or a bad thing?
I think it is great for a city if people going there for clubbing, absolutely.

So do you reckon the Internet is a good or bad thing for electronic music? Or maybe a bit of both?
For artists it’s a good thing. You can have attention on Soundcloud or Youtube without having releases on a label.

What DJs and producers have influenced your sound more than any others? And why?
Honestly, as a producer I am not so influenced by other people.

Aside from music, what do you get up to in your spare time?
I’d try to go to the gym on a regular basis and maybe play some tennis at the Club San Sivino.

Imagine you were playing your final set tonight. What tracks would you choose and why?
There are so many good tracks out there, but I would probably try and play a little journey from house to tech and old to new. To name a few tracks: LFO – Loop, Romanthony – Falling From Grace, Andrea Oliva & Fritz Helder - Turn Off The Dawn (Club Mix), Carlos Sanchez - K15 (Detlef Remix), Andre Hommen - Battery Park (Original Mix), David Keno - Chicken Fight (Original), Flashmob - Reality (Original Mix), Sante - Dusty Roads (Original Mix)

Deep and Dirty Ibiza (mixed by Simion and Betoko) is out now on Hedonism Records

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