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 Posted: 29/04/2015

What’s your earliest ‘musical’ memory?
I started listening to music thanks to my dad. He was playing guitar and listening to Rock and Blues from morning to night. When I was six, he put a guitar in my hand and taught me "Smoke on the Water" from Deep Purple. In that moment it all began….

What was it that drove you to get into the music industry?
Nothing, everything came out naturally. Music began to be a part of me every day of my life. Whatever I do has it’s own soundtrack. I could not live without it.

Who have been the most influential people in your musical development?
At first my dad, listening to the great guitarists of the world, then the various friendships that I made in my big city, Milan. Thanks to many metropolitan adventures I got to know Hip Hop: this has brought me to Dub and Trip Hop. In that moment my love for electronics started. I consumed LP s from: Kruder Dorfmeister, Massive Attack, Kid Loco, Nightmares On Wax, Björk and many more. At the same time I loved listening to Reggae, Soul and Funky that brought me to House Music.

Who inspires you outside of music?
I feel a lot what is around me. And that is why I love to do long trips far away…. or simply stroll through the streets of my city. Moving my emotions into music. 

What are the biggest three challenges facing you at this moment in time?
Overcoming the economical crisis that we are having in Italy, raising my son in the best possible way and keep making my music constantly.

What is the best event you’ve appeared at and why?
For sure at “Space” in Milan, where I was Resident DJ for many years and all the latest after-hours made, always crazy and full of energies.

If you could collaborate with ANYONE in the world (past or present) who would it be and why?
I'd like to collaborate with Acid Pauli, NU, Mira, Chris Schwarzwälder, Günther Lause. I'd like to do an EP for the label "Laut & Luise". I love their music and artists.

If you weren’t in the music game, what game would you be playing?
For me, the Music is a "CHANCE" more to my creativity. In life I work as a comic designer/cartoonist. So I’m already in another game ;)

Who gives you the most support in your life and work?
My family, my friends and my supporters.

If you only had 3 months to live, what would you want to do with them?
WTF!!! Spending time with my family, play at the Fusion Festival in Germany and then back to my family.

Any messages for our readers?
Thanks for your support and stay tuned! Respect.

Marco Ricci’s ‘Opera’ release on Ampispazi Recordings is due out on May 4th


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