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 Posted: 02/03/2015

What’s your earliest ‘musical’ memory?
That is quite a difficult question to answer, as already since I was a child I felt a passion for music in all its forms. The oldest memories I have musically come from my when my older brothers used to listen to music at home, especially from their time – 80s pop rock.

What was it that drove you to get into the music industry?
Well, what led me to the music industry was primarily my passion for DJing. Ever since I had my first performance around 2005/2006, I have not stopped being a part of the music scene. However, now I am mainly focused on production.

Who have been the most influential people in your musical development?
Luckily my group of friends was linked to electronic music, which has always influenced me, although I have always enjoyed being autodidact and develop my own style in regards to production. As to DJing, I have been much more closed and I haven’t had any influences in terms of music selection.

Who inspires you outside of music?
I don’t want to get too spiritual, but what inspires me most other than music are places. I love travelling and feel new inspirations that come from a place or situation in concrete. In fact the best productions I made have been outside of my usual environment.

What are the biggest three challenges facing you at this moment in time?
I can’t name three; one probably lives in constant confrontation as to challenges. One of the most important ones is to be able to make my music reach the biggest amount of people as possible and attempt at transmitting them my message through my productions. Luckily I can live by and for music, so the challenge of doing what I love has been overcome. I think that my main challenge is to be able to travel the world showing what I can do and feel completely valued, although this is obviously linked to the quality of your work.

What is the best event you’ve appeared at and why?
Honestly I don’t think I have had my best appearance yet. I have had many appearances that were very special; I enjoyed several audiences and at the same time have experienced the bitter sensation of being in a place where the electronic scene is not the one people love. I think that the biggest event is yet to come.

If you could collaborate with ANYONE in the world (past or present) who would it be and why?
For me Martin Buttrich has been and always will be a reference in my career. Obviously it would be an honour if I could collaborate with him, more like a dream. I feel that he always transmits a message in his compositions, whether they are more cheerful or dark. Without a doubt he is someone that inspires me and makes me love a little more this profession, if that’s even possible.

If you weren’t in the music game, what game would you be playing?
Well, even if it doesn’t seem like it, I have had a few professions in my life. However I would have certainly become a pilot. In both cases I would have been – and I am – in heaven when I do my job.

Who gives you the most support in your life and work?
This profession as it is isn’t qualified for many people. It is hard for people to believe this is a profession, including for your family. I have always tried to give myself support. I think that for this profession, like many others, you need to believe in yourself 100% in order to then demonstrate to the others that what you do has to be respected.

If you only had 3 months to live, what would you want to do with them?
Hahaha! If I knew I had only three months to live, I think I would last only a week! Jokes aside, travelling is what enriches you – I would go around the world.

Any messages for our readers?
I would like to thank those who read this interview to understand a little more about me as an artist and as a person. And if they are part of the electronic music world, I want them to know that the most important thing is to work. Nothing gives you bigger satisfaction than your work being recognized for your own merits!

‘Dirty Ep is out on Depaart on the 16th March


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