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Live at StereoBar

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In late January, I did my first residency night at StereoBar, a Montreal club renowned for its custom sound system. It was early in the year, and having had time off over the winter I was able to finally prepare a vinyl set and benefit from the long process or reorganizing my records. The set is special to me in a few ways: to start, it was the first time I actually played records in years, and it felt so good. I had forgotten how much better it feels.

It was not ALL vinyl: but it was enough to bring back the old feeling: tracks running out, no looping, heightened awareness, and in my case I think more passion and smarter programming. Second: I wanted 2017 to be a return to a harder, more electro sound: zero filler and only records I really love. It might sound obvious, and it SHOULD sound obvious, but it was important to me. Third: you will hear the world debut of the NEW Tiga Vs Audion track and a new favourite track of my own. Both coming out soon, and both records that I am exceptionally in love with. Enjoy.


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