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|DJ Mixes|

  1. Crazy P - Scrap The Book - Walk Dance Talk Sing
  2. George Maple - Talk Talk (Moon Boots Remix) - Future Classics
  3. Should Cool - Soweto Blues - Afro Rebel Music
  4. Jimpster - Solitude - Freerange
  5. Blaze - Lovelee Dae (Luis Machuca Afro Deepness Mix) - 20/20 Vision
  6. Vince Watson - Eminescence - Yoruba Records
  7. Maya Jane Coles - Burning Bright feat. Kim Ann Foxman (Joyce Muniz Remix) - I/AM/ME
  8. Kate Simko - Go On Then feat. Jem Cooke - Leftroom
  9. Jevne - Moderize (Asadinho Remix) - RvS
  10. Pablo del Monte - Glide Over Here (Julius Papp Remix) - East Recordings
  11. Finder - Ninetoes (Supernova Remix) - Kling Klong
  12. Noir & Haze - Around (Subb-an Remix) - Defected

|Julius Papp |

Inhale Guest Mix

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Julius Papp is one whose dedication to music has propelled his career as a producer and DJ in the dance/club music scene. His dance music roots lie in Disco of the 70’s and New Wave of the 80’s. Presently living in San Francisco, he was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, and got tuned into dance music through the city’s flourishing club scene and diverse radio broadcasts. He started collecting vinyl records in the mid 70’s and took to the turntables in 1985, scoring his first major club gig two years later.

Hearing the non-stop flow of music and observing the booth where the DJ seamlessly blended each selection were early influences for Julius. Later influences included reading about DJ residencies that were piloted by talented club music programmers that even today, influence the youngest of aspiring DJ’s - legends like David Mancuso at The Loft & Larry Levan at the Paradise Garage in New York City to Frankie Knuckles at The Warehouse in Chicago and Tony Humphries’ weekly at Zanzibar in New Jersey. Always inspired by the music listed in those articles, Julius would shop for those titles that would later become classics, worshipped by their discerning audiences. To this day, his goal is to keep expanding his foundation in music by being open-minded and eclectic in absorbing the music that truly touches him.

That open-minded attitude is what Julius uses to fine-tune his musical palette, which gives him a dominant sound that exudes a deep and soulful perspective. That dominant sound is (Soulful) House Music – which to him, is about an uplifting positive message. People coming together in unity, with no barriers or restrictions, but rather, with tolerance and the spirit of music, unifying everyone on the dance-floor. That being said, he blends various musical styles together - including Soul, Latin, Afro, Disco, Jazz and Electronic sounds with such fluidity, that it is difficult at times to put a defining stamp on his sound. Contributing to that is his willingness to take a chance. He always tries to push the envelope by introducing music that deserves exposure, taking his audience on a musical journey with various mood and energy changes.

Not content to limiting his ambitions in the DJ booth, Julius began producing music in 1994. The studio was another outlet for Julius’ creative ideas to flow. His first release was a down-tempo project on the Acid Jazz tip. He also drew attention as part of the jazz and funk scene in San Francisco via the Mushroom Jazz parties alongside resident Mark Farina.

As Julius’ production catalogue grew, so did the amount of labels he released music on including – long tenured labels like King ST (NYC), Nervous Records (NYC), Large Music (Chicago) and OM (SF), to signings on Soulfuric Recordings (FL) and Kenny Dope’s “Dope Wax” (NYC) label, as well as Bob Sinclar’s own
Yellow Productions in Paris.

He also ventured into the label arena with his own “NeoDisco Music” imprint. Named after the sound that continues to inspire him – the label offers him an alternate outlet to release his own productions.

As a veteran in the club scene, Julius has refined a style of dance music that has taken him beyond the boundaries of San Francisco to global praise and recognition. Being nominated as “Most Innovative Producer” at the 2004 House Music Awards is a perfect example of that. Putting him in the company of other nominated producers like, Joey Negro, Osunlade, DJ Gregory, DJ Spinna and Ben Watt was an absolute honor for him.

Upcoming releases for 2014 include a compilation/mix CD entitled “A Long Hot Summer” on King ST Recordings (NYC) as well as Julius’ next full-length, artist-album, plus several singles. Recent production highlights include; Julius’s collaboration with Lisa Shaw entitled “Way Back,” (DJ Smash Brooklyn Tech Remix), featured on the CBS crime drama, CSI: Miami; The song “Believe” (with Deep Culture & Deborah Bond), included on Danny Krivit’s 10 Year Anniversary, 718 Sessions, compilation/mix CD on Nervous Records. 

Pablo del Monte is the new moniker for London-based DJ/producer Paul Whelan. Pablo is also the label boss at East Recordings and heads up east London blog and radio station Brick Lane Radio.

Pablo first started DJing after moving to London from his native Dublin in the early 2000s. Through his then job at the now-defunkt south London record store Zone 2 Records he met DJs from the London pirate radio scene and was soon playing out on this circuit. The sound at that time was UK Garage but Pablo's skilful ability to blend House with Breaks caught the attention of key players on that scene and he was introduced to and started producing with Caspar Kedros from the Headrillaz.

The two formed an act called Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) and started releasing House-infused Breakbeat through Carbon Records. Their first record, Junk Odyssey was really big, gaining traction with DJs as diverse as the Plump DJs and Mr C, and charting at number 3 in the Breaks chart. Soon thereafter they guest DJed for Annie Nightingale's BBC Radio 1 show, which was later played as one of her mixes of the year.

By the mid-2000s Pablo's sound had moved to Tech-house and he had a number of releases on the seminal UK Techno label Eukatek and its Breaks imprint Eukabreaks.

But just as things were starting to really take of the guys decided to go their separate ways and Pablo left dance music to focus on writing more song-based material and music for TV/film.

However, the bug for House music never left Pablo and in 2014, and being really impressed with the current wave of new producers making Chicago-influenced tracks, he set up Brick Lane Radio, an internet radio station and blog focusing on this sound with help from an east London DJ collective. In 2015 his label, East Recordings, was born out of Brick Lane Radio. Run in conjunction with US-based producer, dj-Vox, the label's sound is that of proper House music from Deep through to Tech-house, but you'll occasionally hear Pablo's past Breaks and Garage influences in there too.

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