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MN2S 20th Anniversary Mix

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Format:B are Franziskus and Jakob, who decided to work together after spending a few long Berlin party nights together. Since then the German pair has released on esteemed labels like Highgrade and Stil Vor Talent. Their keen techno sound is intricately produced and does real damage on the dancefloor. Evidence of this has come in the form of singles like "Vivian Wheeler", "Edding 850" amongst many others, and after these successes, they decided to found their own label Formatik Records in August 2009, which has since become a more than reliable outlet for functional tech house. In addition to that, they built up a new studio in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg to work on their second Album Restless and also hooked up with a lot of brilliant techno artists such as Sébastien Léger, Hugo and Super Flu for some killer collabs. 

This skilled studio team are not only EP specialists, but so too have they produced two fine full-length albums in the form of Steam Circuit in 2008 and Restless in 2011. As a result of their popularity the pair play all over the world on a regular basis from America to Australia and often host their own label parties. Inspired by everything from The Pet Shop Boys to Michael Jackson to the dingy techno depths of a trip to E Werk in 1993, this pair is the very modern embodiment of contemporary techno excellence.

Format:B provides this mix as part of the MN2S 20th Anniversary Celebrations. Keep up to date with news and announcements using #MN2S20

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