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|DJ Mixes|

  1. Stefano Noferini - Glitz (Original) [Deeperfect]
  2. Dan Baartz - Botox (Pablo Say Remix) [Trojan House]
  3. Konstantin Yoodza - Definition (Original) [Opia]
  4. Jill Bellac & A.S.I. - Spread Love (Original) [Opia]
  5. Khainz - Block Rocker (Original) [Undergroove Music]
  6. Levi Petit - Menangis (Original) [Grand House]
  7. Jill Bellac - Slippin (Original) [Opia]
  8. Claude VanStorke - Make A Cake (Original) [Dirtybird]
  9. Funk V. - Amber (Original) [Aura]
  10. Darkrow - Resolve (Original) [ElRow Music]
  11. Mladen Tomic - Under The Foolmoon [Deeperfect]
  12. Ramon Bedoya, Quisan - Boro (Raul Facio Remix) [HardCutz Records]
  13. Max Bett - Clubbing Time (Olivier Giacomotto Remix) [Opia]

|Jill Bellac|

Inhale Guest Mix

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Gilles Bellac is the mortal behind the rising musical project, better known as Jill Bellac.

A former chemistry lab assistant, Gilles was captured by electronic based sounds at an early age.

Gilles is a true living example of the strong impact brought forth by the strong contribution of technological uprising on the international music industry.

His early experiences were ignited with the help of live radio broadcasts of Dj's. At the time, due to his tender age he was not allowed to enter clubs and experience the music first hand. He would wear his headphones and transmit himself to an intergalactic world which fast became his own personal playground.

Among his personal favorite Dj's one can list: Carl Cox, Deep Dish, Sven Väth, Richi Hawtin, Timo Maas, to name just the very few.

Gilles infatuation with electronic music has fast became an obsession, causing him to switch his career aspirations and direction to allow him to inhabit his untamed love for music production.
Gilles uncompromising sound production abilities, his strong determination & devotion is well noted in his innovative music he outputs.

These days Gilles project "Jill Bellac" is on the rise and is highly sort after by well-established international labels.

A lot more outputs are expected for the future.

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