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|DJ Mixes|

  1. Alexic Rod - Is a Groove Thing (Release tbc)
  2. SICHI - I Got Soul (Alexic Rod Remix) - Dichotomic
  3. Alexic Rod - Incoming - Dichotomic
  4. Alexic Rod - Aqua (Release tbc)
  5. Alexic Rod - The Focus (Release tbc)
  6. Alexic Rod - It Was a Mistake (Release tbc)
  7. Million Units - Daniel Self made Remix
  8. Alexic Rod - Deep Under (Release tbc)
  9. Keep it Touch - Quivver Remix
  10. Alexic Rod - Playground (Release tbc)
  11. Alexic Rod - Progress - Dichotomic

|Alexic Rod|

Inhale Guest Mix

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Alexic Rod, aka Colombo has been the most prominent Breaks artist of the last 5 years, and counting…. 

He’s collected several awards such as Breakspool Best Producer in 2012 and 2014, Beatport’s Best Breaks track of 2012, Best Producer at IBA, Artist of the Year (Symphonic Distribution Awards)… 

Now, after a very successful career focused in one side of the electronic music, is the time to experiment into different areas of the underground scene. Alexic Rod is a project dedicated to exploring the sounds of Tech-House, Deep Tech, and Progressive-House bringing the unique flavor that he can produce consistently. 

With a very particular understanding of what music should be, always straight to the point, and always ready to make the dance floor move. 
Alexic Rod, the beginning of a new stage

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