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|DJ Mixes|

  1. Marco Cassanelli - Dubchord / Stardub
  2. Ugur Project - Vertigo (F.eht remix) / eMBi Music
  3. Polder - Nightcrawler / Amam
  4. Phatool - The Goat / eMBi Music
  5. Sean Collier - Mad Max / Bitten
  6. Lorent Sian - La Forét Des Elfes / eMBi Music
  7. Right On - Stay Real / Brise Records
  8. Larry Peters & UMHO - Eeeicha! (Daniele Casa Burning Trip) / eMBi Music
  9. Rockwell Landers - Carry On / Deep Tech records
  10. Alex Chiari - Subway 69 / eMBi Music
  11. Astin_Waveshape - Time To Get Deep / Inmotion

|Daniele Casa|

Inhale Guest Mix

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Daniele Casa is the brains behind the eMBI Music label and its sister-label, eMBI Ltd. Locate dout of Frankfurt, Germany, the label is renowned for its house, tech house and minimal house ethos and has already played host to some seriously talented players. As chief A&R at the label, Casa is reposnsible for the label's music policy, and recently made his debut on his imprint thanks to a stunning remix of Larry Peters & Umho's brilliant 'Character' EP. 

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