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|DJ Mixes|

  1. Lucio Malatoid - Glow In The Dark (Original Mix) - Malatoid Records
  2. Lucio Malatoid - Excitement (Original Mix) - Malatoid Records
  3. Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul - Inmost Sense (Original Mix) - Diynamic
  4. Ruede Hagelstein - Soul Dynamic (Original Mix) - Watergate Records
  5. Johannes Brecht - Sirènes (Original Mix)- Poker Flat Recordings
  6. Hunter/Game - Tree Of Life (Original Mix) - Just This
  7. Lucio Malatoid - The Taste Of The Launch (Original Mix) - Malatoid Records
  8. Ukka - Exhale (Original Mix) - Steyoyoke Black
  9. Woo York - The Valley Of Songs (Original Mix) - Life And Death
  10. Lucio Malatoid - Excitement (Malandra Jr Remix) - Malatoid Records

|Lucio Malatoid|

Inhale Guest Mix

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Malatoid is boss of his own eponymous label and also produces with his brother, but here is in solo mode. He has been producing for a few years now and has an infectious, stripped back tech house style that has won him plenty of fans around the globe, and this new EP is sure to do the same.


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