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A native of Toronto, Canada, Hibernate aka Joseph Michael Borg has been involved with music since the age of 15 when he began studying the electric guitar. After six months of inching his parents towward insanity with high volume practicing (and skipping over 150 classes in one year while still passing), Joseph ‘came out of hibernation’ with virtuosic abilities in a number of styles. Soon after, a friend exposed him to the peaking underground rave scene, and Joseph became obsessed with the endless possibities of electronic music, eventually forming his own studio.

In 2001 he created one of the truest gems of the anthem age: a melodic trance piece entitled ‘Tranzcanada’. Along with other early hits such as ‘Mane Sonitus’, ‘Breakout’ and ‘Advent’, ‘Tranzcanada’ received accolades from superstar DJs like Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren, all of whom ritually played his material to 10s of 1000s of dancing fans.

Following his success in the trance/tekno scene and about 3 years of well needed partying/philandering/heavy squatting, Borg began work on ‘OCD’ (2004, Radikal Records), a full length vocal album featuring him on lead vocals on every track. His versatility paid off as ‘OCD’s lead single ‘Submit’ invaded the airwaves worldwide, eventually making it into the top 20 on the US Billboard Club Chart.

Despite the urging of peers to return to more traditional club music, Hibernate continued his eccentric musical path with ‘Away’ (System Recordings, 2007), an eclectic montage of progressive house, rock, breakbeat and psychadelic pop. The album’s lead single, the bitterly romantic ‘She Told Me’, was one of Hibernate's most popular tracks to date, receiving extensive play on internet radio, satellite radio and broadcast radio. Unfortunately, Joseph no longer thinks the girl he wrote the song about is very cool at all.

2009 marked one of the artist's greatest successes, as he signed with Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto Records to release the hauntingly ethereal ‘Left Alone’, a progressive masterpiece which became the lead track on Oakenfold’s legendary ‘Perfecto Vegas’ compilation CD. The Oakenfold break provided Hibernate with the perfect opportunity to capitalize and head toward international stardom. However, always being one to keep it real and put having a good time over financial and social progress, Borg decided to spend some time hanging out in his loft with his Polish friends, and doing pretty much absolutely nothing.

After two years of making paper-mache out of noise complaints and collecting minor misdemeanors, Borg returned with 'Toronto the Creepy', a collection of clean and melodic club tracks. The album combines liquid house rhythms, electro-flaved percussion, his signature synth hooks, and a fervent despisal of his hometown Toronto. The lead single, ‘That High’, circulated into online music shops in early November, 2010 and is to this day one of Hibernate's most popular recordings. No, the lyrics have nothing to do with getting high on tangible, physical drugs.

After a few more years of drinking, cooking, wandering, and exploring new genres under other artist names (Angry Muffin and Les Grooves) Hibernate returned to his roots in 2014 to progress his original vision of club music...only this time including ideas and musical concepts explored under his recent aliases. Under his own label Alpha Milk Recordings, Hibernate has infused a fresh, deep disco feel into his own personal brand of club music. All of his latest efforts can be heard on Beatport or iTunes under the Alpha Milk Recordings imprint.

In 2015, a refreshed and super-focused Hibernate signed a massive deal with Perfecto Records for his latest work, “Lux Tua”, a deeply emotive melange of progressive house and opera. Operatic powerhouse Victoria Gydov collaborated with Hibernate on the piece, writing all of the song's lyrics in Latin. The official video for the song can be see on youtube, and features Hibernate walking up a hill and trying to look serious. 

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