Familia   @ Egg on 10/02/2018
200 York Way, Kings Cross, N7 9AX
Nearest Tube:
Kings Cross
23:00 - 08:00
£5 Early Bird in advance online
Map Link:
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10/02/2018|Familia @ Egg

Familia's 10th February instalment brings together Pig&Dan, Secret Cinema, Egbert live and Bart Skils. A combination of techno forerunners who will most certainly put Egg's sound system through its paces.

Pig&Dan's productions have been striking a chord since they joined forces over 10 years ago, and that only seems to have been more apparent of late. As well as releases on Terminal M and their own Elevate imprint their ‘Chemistry' track continues to hold on to the best selling spot on Drumcode.

Secret Cinema is without a doubt a key figure on the techno scene in Holland, having released a vinyl box set his Gem Records last year, celebrating his 25 years of music making. Secret Cinema is responsible for playing a part in shaping Enrico Sangiuliano, Reinier Zonneveld and Egbert's careers also, so the techno community has much to thank him for!

Egbert's live sound has been heard at the finest gatherings world over for the past decade now, his groovy, infectiously irresistible beats have made him a firm Familia favourite at Egg as he returns for his 6th appearance at the party. Bart Skils, also no stranger to Egg's booth in London, is like his companions on the lineup, also one of Hollands most respected techno acts. From his studio, Bart's hypnotizing grooves and rolling peak time techno have found their way on to labels such as Senso Recording, Mary Go Wild and of course Drumcode, a stable which he's most associated with and for whom remixed Moby's classic 'Go' last year to great effect.

Spanish artist Danniel Selfmade makes a Familia debut and joins the residents at this date, all in all, worthy of any techno warriors diary!

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