MEMORY BOX “HISTORY OF ACID HOUSE”  @ Bussey Building on 22/08/2015
133 Rye Lane; Peckham; London SE15 4ST
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22:00 - 05:00
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22/08/2015|MEMORY BOX “HISTORY OF ACID HOUSE” @ Bussey Building

Continuing its regular sonic memoirs of electronic music, Memory Box returns on Saturday 22 August, fresh from a spectacularly squelchy ‘History of the 303’ night with acid originator DJ Pierre, this time for a ‘History of Acid House’ with Luke Vibert.

Memory Box takes its lessons in beats to Peckham’s finest, the Bussey Building for the venue’s 8th birthday.

British DJ, producer and man behind aliases Plug and Wagon Christ, and part of Aphex Twin’s Rephlex Records crew, Luke Vibert has received critical acclaim for his various productions under his different guises. While he’s crafted his expertise across many subgenres of electronic music, the ‘acid’ sound is what he loves the most.

“Open the Memory Box on August 22nd to hear the true underground sound of Acid House, the sound which changed the world and created the last proper youth culture in the UK”. Luke Vibert

Joining Luke on this night will be Danny Briottet of Renegade Soundwave playing a 1988 – 1992 & influences dj set. Renegade Soundwave were one of the most important electronic bands from the late 80’s / early 90’s with bass heavy breakbeat classics like "Ozone Breakdown", “The Phantom” and "Thunder II". They are cited by bands like the Chemical Brothers as one of the biggest influences in their sound.

Also joining is 90’s hip house and breakbeat heroes Blapps Posse (Aston Harvey from Freestylers) – creators of the well-known dancefloor smash ‘Don’t Hold Back’.

And weaving the whole night together with his expert 303 and acid house treats is Memory Box originator, Robin Ball.

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