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DJ Profile Picture of Mighty Mouse

This prolific Mouse has notched up an impressive array of achievements in such a short space of time, firmly establishing himself on the electronic music scene with his unique disco inspired productions and his energetic DJ shows.

It all started with a remix of City Reverb’s Time Side On, which became an immediate hit for Aeroplane, featuring it on their essential mix for Pete Tong on his BBC Radio 1 show. Critical acclaim followed for his remixes of Ali Love’s Love Harder, Bent – Always and an astonishing assault on Circles by Detachments. By this time the Mighty Mouse sound was labelled ‘nu-disco’, drawing influences from house, techno, disco and 80′s music whilst also exploring a love of the psychedelic.

A regular in the Hype Machine top 10 scoring countless number ones, Mighty Mouse quickly became an online star building up an impressive CV of remixes, originals, mixtapes and his infamous edits. Remixes and followed for the likes of Gorillaz, Robbie Williams, Fenech Soler, Shy Child, Roy Davis Jnr, Shades of Rhythm, Madonna, Gill Scott Heron, Prince, Kate Bush and his now infamous re work of ABBA, named Midnight Mouse.

The mainstream press picked up on Mighty Mouse thanks to his Disco Circus compilation series. They combine disco old and new, house, techno and 80′s rarities. Mixmag lauded them putting the first two volumes in their top 10 compilations the year. Features and rave reviews followed in The Times, Guardian, London Metro and all the major dance press. Disco Circus 3 was released in April 2012 to further critical acclaim.

Mighty Mouse then took a slight departure to release the experimental concept album ‘Song With No Word’. It featured 10 Movements and gained further admirers from the likes of Andrew Weatherall and Lemon Jelly, the later commenting that Movement 3 was one of the best tracks they’d heard in the last 5 years.

Mighty Mouse also has his ‘Disco Battle Weapons’ series, now on it’s 2nd Volume which features tracks aimed solely at the dancefllor and includes tracks ‘Junglefish’, ‘The Beast’, ‘Electric Moonshine’, ‘Moments In Space’, ‘Rocket’ and ‘Kids In Space’. Further singles include ‘Between The Pavement and the Stars’ and the infamous ‘Song For Ellen’.

Mighty Mouse finds himself equally at home behind a pair of decks as he does in the studio. Constant touring has seen him DJ across Europe, Australia, a debut US tour in 2012 along with numerous festival dates and a summer in Ibiza, most recently at Amnesia and Café Mambo for the 2012 season.

Preparations are well underway for 2013 with first of several new singles dropping in February and an album planned for September. There are also rumours of Disco Circus (Volume 4) and an exciting new project being announced in December 2012.

“It feels like everything I’ve learnt, everything I’ve done has been building towards 2013. I can’t wait for it to begin”

Neither can we.

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