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Ashwin Menon
Tel: +971 50 258 6409

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Freedom Jatra

Having made his mark at beach parties in the Middle East, Liminal Roots has gone on to play marathon sets at various parties in and around Asia & Europe.

His sounds and tunes got massive exposure with his inclusion at the Dubai Chillout Festival where he played alongside Midival Pundtiz, Mathew Hawtin and Royksopp. An 5 hour slot at The Freedom Festival in Portugal and an afternoon set amidst the Himalayas for the Shanti Jatra Festival in Nepal has allowed him to gather a pretty tight group of avid listeners.

He thrives on transporting people into far off soundscapes and loves getting his listeners warmed up, chilled out, groovy and smiling from ear to ear! A firm believer in positive vibes, he does occasionally dwell into murkier darker waters of the ambient arena, as he says experimenting never did anyone any harm.


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